Lets Work Together!

There are two types of people in this world when it comes to the arts. Those that do what they love, simply for the sake of it and those that do it because of the reward. I’m a very different type of individual in that I tend to work more than I should. This is because I care about the people that I work for and I get into what it is that they love. Not only does this make me a fan of their business but a long time partner that becomes more of a friendship than a transaction.



During my first few days in New York, I decided to scout out a restaurant that could use some help in their marketing efforts. There were a lot to choose from and so many that are dying for more attention. I started eating at a few places, scouting out the various food types and eventually came to a little Japanese place that instantly got my attention. Luckily the owner was in house and we had a small conversation about me doing some free projects. The end result was him wanting more and eventually lead to me being paid for it. I guess good things come to those that wait. I also scored free meals on the house!

Liz Fohl

While staying at a hotel in California, a musician was playing in the lobby area and I decided to walk over to sit in and listen. I did a quick check on her website and instantly made a sad face. I walked up to her after the performance and talked about doing a free website redesign. I wanted her online presence to match her sound and make it easier for her to get discovered. Little did I know that she was working on an album and designed a simple cover art for her first single. The website eventually grew into an online store and she was able to quit her day job to go gigging as a full time performer.


After graduating from Full Sail University, I decided to put my creative self to the test and design a digital product that would be easy to use and interactive for businesses. The result is Endervision. A digital menu that encourage audiences to participate in a social exchange between business owners and other fans of that business. With locations in California, Seattle, New York and even Thailand, I have helped both small and large businesses sell more of their products, increase their social media presence and gain them new customers from advertising on other Endervision displays.


I had an exciting opportunity to work on new product called Neptor. It’s a portable battery and wireless speak line of products made from EagleTech and designed for the mobile user. When brought on to the project, I help create its logo, marketing materials, website, start its social media accounts and filmed it’s instructional videos. I also introduced a few new methods in helping there day to day operations become a lot easier. The team here is amazing in what they do and their passions for their products made it’s working environment a real inspiration to me.


One of my friends started a company where free cellphone chargers could be found at any venue. The idea was simple and the concept was even easier. I offer my services to help jump start his campaign and designed a few marketing materials, a logo, some photography and even created a few overview videos of the products themselves. This eventually led to an online store where business could buy in bulk and order any replacements if necessary. I eventually went to trade shows, spoke at TEDx and meet other great entrepreneurs. The most interesting part however was that all the funding was coming from Kickstarter.

Egghart Consulting

As my first real job in working in a corporate environment, I learned a ton of new things and even gained some new tools. The company was in a re-branding structure and I had the chance to create all new assets for them. On top of that, I was also able to participate in the development in a software application and design an interface that would fit the clients needs. I eventually learned how the software worked and progressed into creating training demos and video guides. The next step after that was their website and then eventually trade show presentations.